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An immersive and intensely satisfying investigation. RB McGehee is an old school journalist whose nose for a good story makes him fantastic company.

With S6, TS Westbrook delivers an enthralling slice of noir. The novel canters along nicely with neat domestic storytelling, a topical political angle and great insight into investigative journalism. Every chapter offers some eloquent reflection; whether it's the cobbled streets of oldtown Edinburgh, the rugged northeast or within the interactions of the well-drawn characters. I look forward to reading more from TS Westbrook.

Ewan Gault

Author, The Sound of Sirens

Stuart Johnstone

Author, Into the Dark and Out in the Cold


It was a fast-paced read that captured my attention from the get-go as I have numerous relatives that work in this sector and going by their stories I can see something like this occurring! RB was a great character, had an interesting background and was a tenacious reporter. I liked his style, just digging away until he got to the truth.

Books By Bindu

S6 digs deep into political and ecological issues, while still making it exciting and with a mystery afoot. I loved that it was raw and honest, with gritty determination and sometimes a bit of language thrown in, as it rang true to the Scottish nature. It was honest and real, which is exactly what a book like this has to have to keep the proper feel.

Pause The Frame

I loved the author's writing style, and it kept me hooked to the story. Highly recommend this cleverly written investigative thriller with ecological and political themes.

Nimalee Ravi

With strong language and a gritty storyline this is an interesting tale of investigative journalism, government corruption and environmental issues. A good descriptive novel, full of suspense.

Lynda's Book Reviews

This book is about so much more than the rig, it's about climate change, capitalism, greed, and the lengths people are willing to go to, and what they'll overlook or trample all over in the process. A gripping read with mystery at its heart, that really encouraged me to think about lots of things beyond the


Mostly Murder Mystery

A good debut that I devoured in a day which made me think and question along the way.

Kindle or Book

I love a gritty, down to earth main character who is really interesting to explore and watch develop. The writing style was completely refreshing and a style I'd definitely read again. It was fast-paced, exciting and intriguing and I really struggled to put it down.

Bookaholic 17

I was hooked by the first page of this, it really opens with a

bang! I’ve definitely never read something quite like this

before. The same can be said by the writing style which I found

refreshing whilst still being fast paced and intriguing!

Beck and her Books

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