The back roads, backwaters and back woods of Americana, country and roots

THIS PROJECT started as a single essay, half exploration and half lockdown diversion, and grew into something else entirely. 


Equal parts history, journalism and commentary, the narrative describes a path dictated more by curiosity than logic, the direction driven by choice rather than any wider notion of consistency or completeness.


Americanaville complements the radio show of the same name, and shares the same roots, but can also be read as if the broadcast did not exist. Both projects suffer from a blinkered, personal approach to the subject matter; there will inevitably be disagreements over content, context and interpretation. That is okay. Feedback is welcome.


The chapters published below are free to all, a modest contribution in the spirit that helped all of us get to what – fingers crossed – are the closing stages of the pandemic. Going forward, however, this working writer has mouths to feed and so must return to a more formal publishing and financial model. Future Americanaville updates, and what shape those take, will be dictated by the demands of that process.

I'll let you know the details when I can. And many thanks for reading – TW.

welcome 2.JPG
Front cover image captured by the author at Noah Purifoy Outdoor Sculpture Museum in Joshua Tree, California. 
Welcome Sign, 1998 by Noah Purifoy, courtesy Noah Purifoy Foundation ©2020
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